live music


Drumcat (International Acts) – Percussion Performance Show Description Drum cat is the first percussion team, consisting of only women, which is unique not only in Asia but also in the world. An enchanting showmanship of the female drummers and a series of powerful sticks twirling as strong as male drummers give DRUM CAT a unique merit and competitiveness…

The Beatnix

The Beatnix (International Acts) – Classic Instruments Show Description The first half of The Beatnix one and a half hour Show captures the excitement and atmosphere of The Beatles early concerts. Featuring all the classic instruments and the typical 60’s period outfits showcasing songs such as Twist and Shout, I Want to Hold Your Hand, A Hard Days Night, I Feel Fine and She Loves You

VIVA! Pop Opera

VIVA! Pop Opera (International Acts) – Pop Singers Show Description VIVA! Five impeccably good-looking, classically trained singers from Thailand, is set to be another success story in the lucrative “pop opera” market. It is, however, a first for Thailand that a homegrown pop opera group has been put together from scratch in Bangkok.

Tah Riq

Tah Riq (International Acts) – Luxury Guitar Service Show Description Premium guitar serenades to enchant dinner guests, impress a corporate gathering, soothe clients at a retreat or complete the mood on a sunset cruise. Tah Riq’s range of pieces blend different eras and influences and moods can go from jovial to haunting, percussive to sensual as requested to take guests on an emotive, aural journey.